Text in a box with filled lines

If I have to burn text in a box with only filled lines
on text and box
How do I do then

  1. Make 2 concentric rectangles to form box. Set layer to fill
  2. Enter text within box. Set to same layer as above or set to fill for new layer
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an image of what you want to obtain will be better that 1000 words

box and text.lbrn (72.4 KB)

You seem not to have completed the first step.

You need to have 2 concentric rectangles. You have only 1. Once you add the second the area between the 2 rectangles becomes the eligible area to fill. The second part of the step is to switch the layer to fill.

Or if I’ve misunderstood what you’re trying to do then please elaborate.

you need someting like this?

I’m not sure what concentric means in this context

In this context concentric shapes are a cinch with the Offset Shapes tool e.g:

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Thank´s NicholasL
That solved my problem
Now I´ve learned some more in LB
(it´s not easy for a swede)

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