I have to write 3 lines, each one with different dimensions and alligning.

Something like:
PLANT MILAN1 (dimension 10 and large)

station 2 (dimension 8)

sub-plant 12 line 4 (dimension 6)

How can I give a layer to each single lines? How to generate the second layer?

Thanks in advance

Your text size is really irrelevant and all of it can exist on the same layer…

What kind of problems are you having… can you be more specific so we can help you out?



I attach something like what I have to do.

thanks again

If you keep each line “by itself” they are considered individual “text strings”. That is, write the heading, format it as needed - start a new text object, etc… in the end you have the 5 different text blocks/objects that you can arrange as needed.

Dear Bernd.dk,

thanks a lot for your support.
This support for the first important issue. So, wonderful!!!

The one still missed is that if I cannot generate additional layers for each line, I cannot apply different tailored laser parameters.
I mean, the first line, is bigger and I’d like to perform filled (as cutting method) with its own speed and power to have deep engraving.

Others lines are smaller. So, I’d prefer a single line cutting style.

Can I do that in a single layer?
Or how can I start additional layer?

thanks again

SOrry solved.

thank you so much to all

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