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hello all,

looking for some advice on how to add text into lightburn. when i copy and paste a paragraph from word or PP into light burn it does one long line (see photo). So instead, i attempted to copy and paste the word box from PP and trace it to see if it corrects the problem. As an image, the text is too pixelated and comes out terrible if i try and trace it. I do not want to have to space out the sentences because it takes a long time to ensure the paragraph is aligned. any ideas?

ask in a Facebook forum but requesting additional ideas. Thanks!!!

I would try this;

  1. Export the document to PDF and see how that imports into LightBurn
  2. If that doesn’t work, put the text into something like Illustrator and save an outlined version as a file you can import into LightBurn
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If you place the cursor at any point in the line of text, you can press Enter to move the remaining text to a new line. You’ll have to do it manually, as LightBurn doesn’t have a method for wrapping lines automatically, but that would work.

The other option would be to export the image as you have, but with a much higher DPI value - that would produce a much better result if you were running it as an image scan. If you go that way, make sure to use threshold instead of one of the dither modes - it will look much cleaner that way.

Thank you for your recommendations. Would it be possible to have the text box feature added to lightburn down the road? I do a lot of write ups for military plaques and it would be beneficial to have a text box and edit the header as a different size than the writeup.

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