Text inverted when opening a saved project

Hi, I’m relatively new to Lightburn but have used many different editing programs in the past, but there’s something I’m getting stuck on and I’m getting pretty frustrated. I created an A4 page full of designs I wanted to engrave on my Ortur laser master 2. It worked very well, but the next time I went to open the document, Lightburn had inverted all of the text. I have read up about this happening when the origin is incorrect and have done everything that was advised regarding this, but I’m sure this isn’t the issue firstly because what I see on the screen is exactly what the laser recognises (goes to the same place as on the screen etc), and secondly all of my images are correct. Because it is only the text that seems to be affected, if I change the origin it then inverts the images, plus then my screen and laser are no longer in sync. It will take me forever to adjust and re-position each bit of text on the page, as everything was all lined up with shapes and images! Is there a quick fix for this?? Also would really like to know the reason why this has happened… as a test, I created a new document with text and saved it and it opened again just fine, so I don’t know if it was just this one document?? Would really like to know if this is going to happen again at random, or if it was just a one-off cause it was hours of work that I now have to painstakingly put right and I’m tearing my hair out!

Software doesn’t act at random.

Helpful, thanks…

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