Text issue ( Some part of the letter missing)


My laser cutter doesn’t engrave the text properly.

Please check the picture below.

"P " is not the same line or there is some part of letter engraved .

I appreciate for any advice.

Thank you.

I’d need to see the file you are using to get an idea or at least a screen shot of the work area in lightburn.
Was this created in Lightburn or was it an imported SVG?
I’ve had some weird things happen with some SVG’s that I’ve gotten from different sources.
I use CorelDraw to do most of my art work and I have gotten in the habit of converting all my fonts to cuirves before exporting to SVG – keeps the machine I use to run lightburn cleaner (no font clutter)
If you suspect you’ll need to edit it, just save a font ver and curves version of the file in Corel and that way its still editable including changing the font. Suspect the same would be true using Inkscape.

Hi Jersey,
Thnak you for reply!
I have been using adobe illustrator for years and haven’t have any problem befero like this.
I was able to engrave the same the desing even yesterday. Now, I can’t.
Text arent the same line. I engraved G/K K is a little bit bottom of G.
Here are the some

the picture of my screen.