Text layer on top of image layer

I am trying to place a text layer on top of an image but i am having troubles.
The oysters should be in the back while “The Masi’s” in the front.
How can i achieve this?

Try uploading the lb2 file here, I’ll give it a try.

masis.lbrn2 (274.0 KB)
Thank you, here it is!

I have allowed myself to delete your “outline scritta” layer, then I have “selected” your text from Offset. Now it is possible to cut the image with the offset line, then assemble the offset with the text again and place it in Oysters.
The text box can be varied with line or fill.

masis-2.lbrn2 (316.1 KB)

It’s a bit cumbersome but with that starting material I could not find another way to do it. Possibly there are better ways.

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Thanks a lot!
Kinda hard this way for me but i get the point!

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