Text (lyrics) inside a heart shape

I usually use Illustrator for this but I’m wondering if LB can do this. Then it’s one less thing for me to pay for since that’s the only thing I use Illustrator for. If it can be done, I’ll figure it out, I just don’t want to waste hours looking for info if the software can’t do it!
text in heart

Thanks in advance.

Are you asking specifically if there’s a function in LightBurn to do flow of text within the boundary of a shape? If so, the answer is no, there’s nothing like this in LightBurn.

However, you could manually place the text within the shape boundary. There’s just nothing that would auto-flow the text.

Although you can’t do this in LightBurn you can do it in inkscape very easily - the advantage over Illustrator is that it’s free! :smiley:

Yes, doing it manually so it looks good and uniform hasn’t worked out well for me and takes way longer than I need it to take. Thanks, though.

Thanks! I’m not a huge fan of Inkscape but if I use it for just this one thing it would be useful. I’ll have to check it out again. Thank you for the pic!

No, I’m not a big fan either as I tend to use Corel which I find much easier for this kind of thing (but is way more expensive!). It’s very simple to do and infinitely cheaper than Illustrator if you’re just going to use it for this one thing.
Here’s a link to the Inkscape help page.

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