Text not aligning with new update

Since the new update, the text isn’t aligning - please see example.

Any ideas how to fix this? When we start a new line, it just goes right off centre - have been using software for 4 years with no issues such as this - all correctly selected at the top (middle alignment for text) but goes way off all of a sudden.


Can you upload the .lbrn file for review?

I too am having this issue and its the same file i’ve been using for a couple of years. I click the letters and it moves them, can’t even hit undo for it to move them back to where they were.

CrownWhiskeybox-lid3mm.lbrn (1.6 MB)

I’m not sure why this was a fix or what happened. However, I have both the CO2 and Fiber software. For some reason after the update, it would keep opening the Fiber side of the program over the CO2 side, which I use most often. I was able to switch their order under the devices tab and now it opens the CO2 side of things first and that fixed my text issue.

Further to my original message, it ONLY happens when I increase the Hspace between the letters. It used to centre them all, now it stretches them out strangely

It’s with any text, it seems, on the new version. I’ve tested it a lot and it is with any font and I have identified the issue which you can see if you follow these steps:

  • type a paragraph with a few lines and have alignment x at middle
  • now increase the Hspacing of the same paragraph to say, 10 or 20 hspace.
  • you should see that it does not center, it instead spreads it strangely as if it is struggling to calculate the spread.

I can’t upload an example as I’ve installed the version before. All my work includes Hspacing in the text so it was impossible to work with.
Hopefully with the steps above you can see the issue.

Thank you

This is related to another post that brought up the HSpace issue. I’ve just now confirmed that this does seem to be a change in behavior.

@Rick for confirmation.

Yeah it does seem so, hope it can get fixed as it would be a shame not to have future versions with all the handy new features coming out :slight_smile:

Will take a closer look, thank you. :slight_smile:

Update: We’ve have a fix for the issue with text not using the proper alignment when HSpace is non-zero. Fix will be in 1.6, at a minimum.

I’m also having the same issue (both 1.5.0 and 1.5.1) Hspace seams to be applying from left side and not center when text box is aligned centered.