Text not importing from inkscape

Why won’t Lightburn recognize text from ink scape on the same computer they both use the same font library don’t they?
I created a template and light burn with 36 two inch circles on it (6x6). I saved it as an SVG file, And then moved it to escape and added text to the circles, because editing text is a little bit easier and escape. I didn’t save the file as an inkscape SVG. That didn’t work so I tried regular SVG. And then did what it was asking me to do change text to a path the text didn’t fill properly and took a long time. The process of closing all that text I would be painstaking what other program or what can I do easily to Accomplish this?

Instead of exporting a SVG from Inkscape to import into Lightburn, export a PDF out of Inkscape. Lightburn can import the text in the correct font when it is importing a PDF from Inkscape. You don’t have to change the text to a path in Inkscape.

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I didn’t know that an Inkscape exported PDF would bring editable text into LB, that’s useful information.

I didn’t know that either. I’ll have to try when i get home from work.

When i try to save as a pdf the only option that lightburn recognizes is convert text to paths. Back to the same issue. My other lap top I tried ant it keeps coming up light burn not responding. So frustrating. There has to be an easy fix.

I am using the newest version of Inkscape and Lightburn and it works for me when you select “convert text to paths” when exporting to PDF from Inkscape. It isn’t editable text in Lightburn, but I don’t see that as an issue. If your main drawing database is Inkscape, and you want to make changes to font type, size, etc. then you can do it in Inkscape.

LightBurn does not import text / fonts yet from anything other than DXF at the moment. LightBurn’s internal text support is relatively simple, and we don’t handle multiple fonts, sizes, custom kerning, etc in a single text entry like most full art packages allow. Rather than try to explain all the ways it won’t work, we just don’t support them at all until we can support most of the features somehow.

Convert the text to paths when you export for LightBurn.

OK I keep trying to convert to pass Lightburn keeps telling me I have open paths I can’t find them to close. Everything is quality just isn’t the same or converted text. Like burn just doesn’t do text as easily as other programs programs

LightBurn was honestly never intended to be a full creation package, but it’s evolved into one over time. We will be adding support for things like this, but I can’t give a timeline because it’s rather complicated to do.

Open paths just means that your shapes don’t meet at the start / end points (or they’re just not joined). Go to Edit > Select Open Shapes and LightBurn will select them for you. You can also try automatically joining them by using Edit > Auto Join (Alt+J) after selecting everything.

Thank you very much I will try those things when I get off work. I think you have a wonderful program I’m just trying to learn it and all these other programs it doesn’t seem like there’s anyone that does everything so I’m trying to find the best one for most things. Lightburn is definitely the best laser program on my part just getting everything there that’s getting frustrating. So it’s not you it’s me.:sunglasses::blush:

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