Text on a path question

Hello! I’m having a brain fart here or something. Can someone tell me how I can get the text to start from the CENTER and go out to the outer end. Seems no matter what I try it always starts the text on the outer part and circles it inward.

I want “Ever mind…” starting from the center and working its way outward.

Thanks guys!

Huh. I thought that changing the start point on the spiral would do it, but I just tried and it didn’t.
But mine came out with the text starting from the center. I can’t make it start the other way…


Oh man! Your setup is working like I need! ha ha ha! There has to be a way to make this work.

This is worth review as you can adjust the start point of any shape in LightBurn, allowing you to control where your text starts as you’d like. :wink: Start Point Editor - LightBurn Software Documentation

Check your Alignment settings for the text, as discussed here:

Thanks Rick, but it still does the same thing. Text is set for left. I have the arrow/start point selected. But it shows the wrong way. I even tried putting the arrow/start point on the other side. Same thing.

Let me try this again…

I was able to successfully change the start point on the spiral (move blue arrow at the other end) but the text always attached the same way.

Well, I have some homework for the weekend now. All kidding aside, I am seeing similar, and need to investigate further. :slight_smile:

Oh man, homework for the weekend sucks!
Unless it’s homework for a beer tasting class, then it’s OK.

But seriously, thanks for looking in to it.

FWIW, the spiral was copy & pasted out of Inkscape. I don’t know how to make one in Lightburn… (is there a tool for that?)

Not at this time, no.

Any luck Rick?

Continuing to investigate text on path and start point issue, but for now, you might have to re-draw the spiral, starting from the center out.

Unfortunately that is beyond my artistic skills! lol! I did the same thing that Hank did… imported a swirl image and traced it since Lightburn does not have a “shape” library (yet!). Actually that might be a pretty cool idea if you guys are looking for a new feature. A way to add shapes to a library for easy recall. I know you can “import” from any file, but just like in this case where a traced image is not working for a path it might be a very useful thing to have a base library of shapes, and then the option to add in new custom shapes. :slight_smile:

Just wondering if this was still being investigated for a possible fix in the future? No rush of course.

On the long list. :slight_smile:

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