Text on black acrylic

I am trying to engrave some smaller text, simple aerial font into a black acrylic switch panel. I can get it to engrave perfectly but it is not very visible. I am also engraving a logo on this panel from a png file that looks much better ( visible)
Is there something other than filling the font that I can do? should I create the file in Inkscape and save as an image and raster it?
I am new to lasers and have only really engraved and cut wood mostly.

this sort of panel text is normally infilled with paint.

you can buy sticks of “solid paint”, just wipe the paint stick on the text , and it will look clear.


this is clear acrylic with white paint stick.

You have to go with a light touch on the material to change the colour of the surface and not actually engrave into it.
I have a 60 watt laser and at speed of 800mm/sec and at 20% which is around 4 mA i get very good results on black acrylic.
I would keep your speed high and adjust your power on the low end