Text On Curve Function - Delete Underlying Shape?

Is there a way to create the curved text and then be able to delete the underlying shape yet still leave the text in its new curved shape? I found a clunky workaround that sort of works where I put the shape and the actual text on different layers. Then I uncheck the output and show check boxes for the shape’s layer but that presents its own problem in terms of layout calculation functions within Lightburn since it still takes the underlying shape into account for some things.

Select the text and convert it to a path - that disconnects it from the curve it’s attached to, but it also makes it non-editable as text after that. The “normal” way would be to trim the path the text is on with vertex editing to make it fit the text relatively snug, and then just set that layer not to output. I usually use one of the last dark colors in the palette so when it’s disabled it’s still easily visible.

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Ok, thanks for the guidance!

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