Text on path Problem with Textposition


is it possible to position a text on a existing path not only left, right or center but f.e. exact x mm away from startingpoint of the path?

The other problem I have is that the text is bottom up on the path. Haven‘t found a way to fix that (can‘t change or rotate the path, because I want the text on top of a shape)


There are tons of videos on the tube, but try to give us an example of what you want to achieve and we’ll try to look at it.

How could I describe it?!…
in those videos they turn f.e a circle 90 degrees to see the text on top of the circle instead of left, or they switch the start of a path to have the text in the opposite direction.

My text on a straight path shows bottom up but I await it left to right on top of the path.
I am looking for a possibility to move the text around or along the path without moving the path itself.
In case of the circle move the startingpoint of the text clockwise around the cirlcle not only starting at 6, 12 and ending at 6 for left, center or right.
On a simple line as path the text should start left and the letters should flip over at the end of the path

I try to make a screenshot…

Here is what I get with tools, text on path, X left, Y top
for me that should be X left, Y bottom

I want the text to begin on the left side and tried to set the blue arrow as shown here without luck…

Draw the curve in the opposite direction.

Sure could I draw that line the other way, but that’s what I mentioned earlier, it’s a given shape from a vectorised picture. That’s why I am looking for a opportunity to change the behavior of that path (or parts of it)

Shouldn’t the shape starting point have influence on that behaviour? I realized that it behaves different for open (lines) and closed shapes (f.e. circles)

So the questions are:
How could I switch the text over (to the other side of the path, not Top or Bottom)
How could I define the startingpoint to switch from left to right

Try to see if this could help you. The circles can be replaced with lines or other shapes…and the auxiliary lines T1 and T2 can be hidden but it is not necessary as they will not be printed anyway.

That’s all ok for symetrical shapes, because you can easily move them around…
Think of a unsymetrical shape like a heart for example
The upper two are ok by random, for the lower two I want the text on top.
I never know how LB put the text to path, what if I want the text in the upper ones inside of the heart?

Apart from what we have played with, it is currently only possible to manually adapt text strings by deforming them after the text has been converted to path, (as far as I know/remember), but that is not what you want and it is also a bit cumbersome.

Not sure if this will help or not.
You can change the position here.
Right click on text and select edit text shape.

Ideally, yes, but unfortunately path direction is not equal to Start Point or direction.

I don’t believe there’s a way of reversing the direction of existing paths in LightBurn. You can do this in Inkscape using Path->Reverse.

have tried this, but it doesn’t twist the text around, it’s if the path is on the top, bottom or middle of the text. If the text is upside down it doesn’t help

OK, not the best way, but it works. (also the only way I can find, so maybe is the best)
To reverse the direction of text, use the pencil tool and have snap to objects on. If snap to grid is on turn it off.
Pick the end of the line you want the end of the text to be at. Draw a line in another direction. (make sure it is a strait line) That will change the text.
Now go to node edit and delete the node at the end of the line you just drew. That will put your shape back to what it was, but the test will stay in the new direction.

That should do the trick, thanks!
But what I don’t understand is, why it doesn’t work with “shift click” and the “set shape start point”?

The Tooltip describes exacly what it does and what I expect from it…without impact to the text to path

Nevertheless, would be excellent to have that flip funktion working and another “offset” number field for the distance from left, center or right to be able to position it correctly o the path.

By the way: there is a offset field already
what is that used for? Seems not to do something either

It’s used for laser direction and starting point. However, it does not change the actual shape path direction which is what’s required for what you’re trying to do.

This is for Variable Text.

You can adjust position with space bar before and after text, but not very accurate unless close enough is good enough.

I 100% agree with that. What I don’t understand is how what I suggested works.
I know nothing about coding this stuff. But hey, if something works, go for it.

When you extend the line it seems the overall path is being redrawn. The side that you click becomes the “end” of the path so effectively reverses the path direction. It’s a nice hack.

Actually found it by mistake.
Was going to just draw around the text to see if a closed object would work. But when I clicked on the end, the text changed direction. So just made the line and used node edit to get rid of the line and was shocked to see the text stayed that way.

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