Text on Picture

Hello Team!

I have a question.
I want to engrave a picture and on this picture I want to engrave additional text over it.
Now, of course, not first the image to be engraved and above the text but the text should be cut out of the image and then engraved separately.

What is the best way to do this?

I hope it is clear what is meant.

Thanks a lot

This is worth review, Image Masking / Cropping - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thank you for this!
But i need it in the other way. Is this possible?
I want to cut out the text.

Okay i did the following.

I I converted the text to image and then changed the gamma there until it was completely white or black. Depending on how I need it. And then grouped on the same level with the image. Now the text is not engraved.

But if there would be some kind of ‘cut out’ like you showed, only the other way around, that would be great.

You can effectively reverse the mask by putting a shape like a rectangle around all the text. Group the outline shape and text. Then apply that mask against the image.



That looks good. I’ll try that.

Thank you

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