Text orientation changes from what is entered

I’m new to Lightburn with EZCAD galvo laser. When I enter text horizontal what is engraved is vertical and backward. I’ve tried doing a new install. I’ve searched for an answer but I can’t find it. EZCAD2 doesn’t have this issue. I would appreciate any help I could get on this issue.


I have just got a galvo and am going on a steep learning curve myself, I believe you may have the wrong ‘Galvo’ set to the x axis.
Go into device settings and change it if after that if the text is backwards enable the ‘reverse direction’


Thanks very much for your response. I saw the reserve direction tab was enabled so I changed it. I hope that will fix it. I will try tomorrow and report my findings.

I’m afraid that wasn’t the solution. Photos are also appearing in the wrong orientation.

When you say wrong orientation, is the horizontal text now engraving horizontal ?

Here are some photos to help illustrate a couple of problems I’m having. The first is with the text changing alignment

The other issue and I’m not sure if they are related is that the red preview marking doesn’t match where it is actually marking. I’ve included a photo showing this issue. I keep adjusting it in the settings but when I open the program again the problem returns even though the corrections I entered are still in the settings. In this photo you can see the white burned marking is lower than the red preview marking. Again I would appreciate any assistance.

Changing to the other Galvo (see screenshot in my previous post) should solve your orientation issue.
You do however seem to have other setting issues.
Did you import the Ezcad settings when you created this device in Lightburn ? If not I recommend that you do.
The following video should help

This whole playlist is well worth watching

I’ve already done everything in that video. Ugh this is frustrating.

If it works as expected in EZcad and you imported the markcfg7 file in the Lightburn device setup, then unfortunately I am at a loss.

I am a total Galvo newbie however.

I took the liberty of moving this into the new Galvo Laser section and I may have a solution for you.

Galvo 1 and Galvo 2 are the axis mirrors.
One of them is for the X axis, the other isn’t.

If it’s rotated 90 degrees, as you show, The X axis is on the wrong mirror. Select the other Galvo for the X axis.

If it turns up backwards left to right at this point, you know what to do. You’ve already discovered how to reverse the direction of the axis. It’s also possible that it could be reversed top to bottom - if that happens you reverse that axis.

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