Text over JPEG help

I have a JPEG that I am trying to lay text over. I cant figure out how to not see the JPEG through the text. I’ll explain a bit further. For the JPEG I am using a 3D engraving technique so even if I use fill for the text I get the JPEG pattern through the text at varying depths. So I need the inside of the text to be completely blank. Is that possible?

Ok well, if it is just in the Lightburn program that you don’t want to see it in…
It appears that you have the “image” layer above the text layer.
so with the text layer highlighted as you have it in the screenshot, click on the UP arrow on the far right. that should give you the desired look you want.
I think that’s what you are asking.

I don’t want to see it in the burn

Oh I get it!
it’s burning at different depths in the field of each letter.

I would try using “trace image” (right click on image) on the JPEG and then use the Boolean tools to eliminate the lines going through the letters. if you “trace image” the image then you are dealing with both text and image as vectors and therefore are much easier to manipulate. There might be an easier way but that’s probably what I would do.

Look at Image Mask here to do exactly what you are wanting, with a few clicks.

Select the text and duplicate, then place that copy on a Tool Layer. I also placed a rectangle around the image and put that on the Tools Layer. Group text with rectangle on Tools Layer. You will use that copy to do the mask work. Select the image and the Tools Layer text, right-click, then select ‘Apply Mask to Image’

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