Text/photo mirrors on lightburn and lasergrbl

when I want to engrave a text or photo, it lasers it in mirror.
i use lightburn and sometimes lasergrbl which i got with my laser (i have the totem two trees 5.5w laser)

how can I make sure that it engraves it properly?

Check this out…

That’s masking the problem, not fixing it.

I suspect you have your origins mixed up.

The lightburn machine origin has to match the origin for your machine.

This is mine - it won’t necessarily be the same for your machine.

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 4.35.37 PM

When your machine homes, where does it end up? That has to be the setting you use in your machine settings in lightburn.

The two-trees laser likely doesn’t home, so you’d need to power it up with the laser head in the front-left position, and set the origin that Bo shows to match it. That should work.

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my machine does not have home.
the origin is now at the bottom left

Had same problem. Was due to laser mounted on wrong side of the x-bar. When mounted on other side, engraving got correct :wink:

Hi @Kimdl - did you fix the rpoblem? is it as @asbnord suggested with the laser being mounted on the wrong side of the xbar? Im thinking of purchasing the Twotrees Totem S (and also considering the ORTUR 2) but im concerned if it is not compatible with LightBurn.

Yes the problem is fixed

Thanks Kim. Would you recommend Totem S with Lightburn?

I’m about to buy this totem s laser like @vincent , and I will do the same question: Would you rekommend the combination?
Thanks in advance!

Yes! It works very well for me

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