Text selects incorrect entry

Problem: I have two separate text fields in close proximity. When I double click on one, the program goes into editing the other, with no way to edit the original. How can I edit the one I want?

EDIT: If I move the text fields apart, I can edit the one I want.

How close is said proximity? Please provide a screen capture so we can see.

The green & the smaller red text is what I’m having trouble with. If I select the red, it begins editing the green.

Sorry, but I have never had an issue double-clicking any text using the ‘Selection’ pointer entering into the edit mode for the text selected. Not wanting to assume, but you are talking about the “%2” text and not the “LA” logo element, correct? :slight_smile:

Maybe @LightBurn has seen this before.

I haven’t seen this before, no. If you double click, it should give you a cursor immediately in the text object under you.

The only way I could see this happening the way you suggest is if the red text had empty lines above it that overlapped the green, or the green text had empty lines under it that overlapped the red. That would confuse the code that tries to pick the appropriate one. Is that possibly what’s happening?

just to flag up that i am also seeing this recently.

when i duplicate a few small text fields and move them around , i am having difficulty editing the text under the mouse cursor, because as soon as i double click it, the text cursor jumps to the first text i created. not the one i thought i clicked on.

as you say , it may be that the text bounding boxes were overlapping,

thank you for your tireless responses on this forum.

I have an idea for a simple change that will make this easier - I can make cursor placement prefer any thing in the current selection, and then work outside of that. Since the selection tools are very accurate, and work on nodes and lines, not character boundaries, that should make it behave much better.

I’ve made this change and it seems to work nicely. I created two pieces of text, and overlapped them as seen below:

The first object is “this is a test___________of text” (where the _'s are spaces) and the second object is the 22. I can now easily select and edit either one of them. In my older version of LightBurn, I can only edit the ‘This is a test’ text, and not the ‘22’. This will be in the pending release.

Just to see how it compares, I tried doing the same thing in RDWorks and it has similar behavior - you can’t easily select overlapping text, so with this change, the LightBurn behavior is significantly better. Thanks for bringing this up.

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thank you for making this change oz,

we really appreciate your genius and willingness to use it to respond to the numerous requests.

looking forward to the next release.

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