Text Sizing question

Windows 10, Rudia Controller, LB version .9.03

I have a customer that needs more of the same thing I made them a few months ago so that means matching the text (exactly)

But when I click on the existing text, LB tells me it is plain old Arial with a height of 1.460, so great! I should be able to make the new text Arial with a height of 1.460 and it will be the same. But that is not what is happening, the size of the text is very different even though both show the same same font and size.

The text on the right has the text cursor in the picture below and if I type a character it will appear large

Now the small (original) text on the left is selected and if I type a character it will appear small, but it still shows the same height as the text on the right.

What am I not understanding? How do I make the new text exactly the same size as the old text (without just resizing and guessing till I think it looks close)

I cannot say that I know what the answer is, but I do wonder if you have the image zoomed to fit the object selected. That can give the appearance of being larger. Click the button to show the whole page, it’s to the left of the zoom - &+ buttons. I hope that helps.

Copy the old text object, then change the text. Most likely you created text, then scaled it to the size you wanted, instead of adjusting the font height. This is the same thing that trips people up with the radiused corners being incorrectly sized.

I’ve finally managed a good fix for the corner radius issue, so I’ll see if I can push the same change into the text objects.

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Yes I did scale the size of the original text. I did not realize that the text height value did not change when text size was scaled.

I’ve updated the code that handles scaling to push uniform scale changes into the text height, and this will be in the next release.