Text to path - mirrored text possible?

I love the new text to path capability. I’ve watched the video three times so hopefully I didn’t miss this or else I’m going to feel foolish with this question…

I’m etching text on clear acrylic. Since I’m etching on the back side of the material the text needs to be mirrored so that it reads correctly, left-to-right, on the front side. With regular text this is just a horizontal flip.

When I take text that I have flipped horizontally and apply it to a path with “text to path” it loses the horizontal flip. Once on a path, a horizontal flip of the text is not an allowed option. A horizontal or vertical flip of the path object makes the text appear backwards and upside down.

Is there any way to accomplish my goal with “text to path” as it is implemented today? If not, any chance that this is a feature that you will implement soonish?


Thank you for reporting this. I can reproduce this behavior. For now, I was able to accomplish your desired outcome by doing the following.

Once the text has been applied to the path, you can select the text and use ‘Convert to Path’ and then use the ‘Mirror-Horizontal’ to get what you want, although the text will no longer be editable as a text object.

Thank you, Rick! After a little experimentation it looks like your solution will meet my needs just fine! My text was on a curve and the convert-to-path-then-mirror flipped the curve the opposite direction too – but as long as I plan ahead I can deal with that.

This is great. I was hoping there would be a workaround like this. I am striving to stay in Lightburn and out of other tools for my design needs. Your rapid reply made my day much easier. :slight_smile:


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Text on a path, in order for it to remain editable, has certain restrictions. As Rick mentions, the simplest way is to convert it back to a path object, after which those restrictions don’t apply.

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