Text to path New video

First of all OZ, it’s looking great mate when will it be out? and just one other question.

So is there no way to remove the path line from the text without it going back to normal? if not i take it the vertical space should work to separate it from the current path? or can the path line be on separate layer to remain hidden?

If you want the text to be editable it has to stay on the path line, otherwise you can convert the text itself to a path, and that “freezes it” - it won’t be attached to the path, but now it’s just shapes, not text.

The path the text is attached to can be on a different layer, and you can set that layer not to output.

If you want the text offset from the path, there isn’t a way to do that at the moment, though using V-Space for that is a good idea.

ok sounds fair enough saves me time having to do stuff in, ai and then import into the current design.

when will 9.03 be on general release?

if you need anyone extra to beta always up for some fun.

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