Text Width Factor/scaling

I currently cut a lot of electrical labels and at the moment generally draw them in AutoCad as they require the Text Width Factor to be changed to get the required text to fit on the required size label.

If I export the file as a DXF and import the file into light burn I lose the text width factor (Black labels in attached screenshots).
The only work around I have found to solve this issue is to explode the text prior to exporting it from autocad (Red labels in attached screenshots). The problems with this is it is no longer recognised as text when opened in lightburn and thus can not be edited. Also any letters that have curves in them become slightly jagged and this is impacting the quality of the engraving.

Any tips or advice would be much appreciated. I was hoping support would be added for the text width factor in the latest updates but it doesn’t seem to have happened.

Which version of LightBurn are you using? Support for this was added very recently, and should be in this current release.

If you’re on the current release (1.1.02), please attach a DXF here I can look at. If you’re not comfortable posting it in public, you can email it to support@lightburnsoftware.com along with a link to this thread so we know what it’s about.

Damn - that is “escape” formatting, not formatting for the whole string, which is likely why it’s not handled there.

See attached files. I’m definitely on the latest Lightburn.
I’ve attached both the original file and the one I used in Lightburn. Ideally when I import the original file it will look like the exploded text file but the text will remain text so I can still edit it if required.

The goal is too have it look the red labels (more condensed font) in the original posts while maintain the text as text instead of having to explode it.

Let me know if you have any luck.

Switchboard Labels.dxf (879.9 KB)
Switchboard Labels exploded text.dxf (84.0 KB)

Looking at the file sizes I think I got the 2 DXF files mixed up, im sure you will be able to work out which is which though.

Yes, it’s because these are MTEXT objects, and the \w escape code isn’t handled. I’ll look at that.

Ok, top one is text import, bottom one is shapes:

This is working now, and will be in the next release, which will probably be a little bit away, since we just pushed the 2nd patch today, and don’t want to give everyone whiplash. :slight_smile:


Looking great, you guys are too good!

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