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I’m new to LightBurn and I think this software is great. It is working perfectly with my OMTech Laser cutter.
But I have a question about textboxes. Is it possible to set the width of a text item without stretching the text inside?
I have to engrave some serial numbers to typeplates and the numbers should be centered in the field on the plate. Now I have to change the text in the field and then, I have to re align the V-Center every time.
If I could place the textbox in correct size to correct coordinates and set the Text-Align in the box to center, it would be possible to change the text in Box without realign the text.

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Hi, do you mean like using lightburns workspace as a kind of reference point in the software that correlates to real space??

I think it is better to understand with an example.
In my picture you can see TextBox in LightBurn and in Word.
If I change Width of the Textbox, Lightburn stretches the Text too. In my case it is better the text would be centered.

You can set the text to align to the middle or center aligned (1) and set the text to have a ‘Max Width’ (2) to control the fitting of text to a specific bound. Is this what you are wanting to accomplish? :slight_smile:

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Awesome! I just learned something new today. :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately no :frowning:

I want to use always the same font size and want to “auto center” the text in the frame, without selecting both and clicking center button all the time. So I thought I can set the text item to the same size like the frame. But if I do that, the font will be distorted.

LightBurn offers ‘Variable Text’ to allow you to speed the flow of automatically generating text based on your requirements. Redirecting...

Variable text is a feature that allows you to use special codes in your text entries that will be substituted for something else when you send the data to the laser (or the preview). Variable text can be used for:

  • Date or time stamps
  • Serial numbers
  • Displaying cut settings
  • Merging a CSV file into your designs

In all of these cases, the text in LightBurn is set to one of the dynamic text modes, and the text entered is used to tell LightBurn what you want it to display.

Serial number text format

When using the Serial mode for text, the system will automatically substitute certain special combinations of characters with the current serial number value, and other characters control how it is formatted. - Redirecting...

You can set your placeholder text to align as you’d like, define the text as Serial Number Variable Text, and the text will change with each run, staying aligned as you had initially set. Could this flow work for your application?

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Hello Rick,

this is not the feature I was searching for. But this is a good alternative.
I tested it and this will work for me.

Thank you for your hint :slight_smile:


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