The circle Frame?

I guess its for framing in a circle so i tried it I tried to pause it, it would not pause tried to hit stop still would not stop. Unless its for something else i don’t know all i was doing was checking a 24" circle for a clock so i tried the circle frame. I had to let it finish up.


Is there a question in here somewhere?

Your ‘Machines’ section just says “homemade cnc machine” which doesn’t tell me which controller or hardware you have. Without that info, I can’t say why it didn’t stop. Ruida controllers, for example, will not pause or stop when framing. GRBL based controllers should.

I guess i did miss a lot of information. It has a rudia 6445 controller for the laser.
I didnt know it would not stop no harm just want to pause it from framing.


For some reason, once the commands are sent it won’t stop. It has the same behavior in RDWorks.

Thank You I didn’t try RDWorks.

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