The circle is not a circle

@berainlb Here you are, with 200 speed :wink:

Looks like nothing wrong in my opinion.

That’s interesting. Try building a spiral made of 90 degree turns. Run it twice, once inside out, then once outside in.

40 x 40 mm square spiral. The arrow indicates the starting point

Hi guys,

after houndreds messages with the supplier and their “engineers” during last week, I haven’t had a solution yet. They said something like “Oh, ok, decrease speed to 30 mm and the problem will be fixed” :unamused:

Obiouvsly, this is not THE solution, but only a fast way to say “Problem fixed”: having bought this machine to work (not for hobby) i need it can cut faster than this.

This is what i have checked:

  • belts of both axis are well tighted and Y are to the same tension
  • mirrors and lens are fix and perfectly aligned
  • removed the head mount camera to reduce mass weight (but without any improovment)
  • checked everything that could be loosen

To understand if the problem comes by lens/mirrors i have also swapped a pen with the autofocus sensor and made a test draw with 0% power.
As you can see in the picture below (START in upper right corner, END in lower right corner), wobble lines persist in every circle and also when the head moves from a circle to another one.

I really think it could be a problem caused by a setting value combination of speed, acceleration and deceleration, or a issue on step motor/controller.

I’m really sad to can’t find a solution, and if you have any ideas or something to try it will be very appreciated.