The cuts/layers box not showing 'cut' in the mode

In the cuts/layers display box the drop down under ‘mode’ does not show ‘Cut’. Watching the tutorials it is shown and used but not in my latest Lightburn software. My laser is not connected, could this be a reason or am i missing something in setup? Have looked around but unable to find a reason. Many thanks Roy

Cut was renamed to “Line”. Similarly, scan was renamed to “Fill” so something to be aware of.

Thank you, i’m not going mad then! what about ‘offset fill’?
Thank for your time Regards Roy

Certainly not and you wouldn’t be the first to get caught by it.

Offset fill is a relatively new mode. It serves a niche use where fill is handled in a spiral shape rather than a series of linear operations. There are certain situations where offset fill is a good choice but it’s not a general purpose fill mode as it can create some unpredictable artifacts at times.

Thank you, did not find that in the information. Thank you again for your help. Kind regards Roy

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