The Diode laser output has become weaker

My Diode laser output has become weaker.
I am using NEJE Master Plus 2 30W.
I have purchased this equipment for less than a month.
I usually cut 3mm of padauk wood and 3mm of walnut wood in the condition below.
[ 300mm speed & 100% power & 6 ~ 7 times. ]
I had cut 3mm walnut wood 2 days ago.

And the problem arose today.
When I ran the lightburn program, a software upgrade pop-up window appeared and I upgraded to version 0.9.24.
And, like yesterday, I try to cut 3mm padauk wood.
However, I felt that the cutting was not working well. (It was cut repeatedly 8 times.)
(I thought…Is it focus wasn’t right?..or not.)
I deleted the device from the program and reinstalled it.
I also erased the lightburn program and reinstalled it.
Since then, even the 2mm paduak wood has not been cut.
(It is not cut off even after 20 repetitions.)
The same is true of engraving.
The engraving was enough with 300mm & 10% power, but now it was difficult although 300mm 30%.
FYI, my laser board is 32 bit.
and, My laser setting is the same as before.
S-Value max = 1000
$30 = 1000
$31 = 0
$32 = 1
But, It feels like the laser power has dropped to 1/4 level.
It’s set to 1000, but the performance feels like it’s 255.

I doubt Software, but I’m not sure.
So, I installed lightburn software 0.9.20 & 0.9.23 & 0.9.24 version again.
But, My laser performance can’t find condition yesterday.

Is there a factor related to laser power other than this?
How can I do it? help me.

My lightburn setting values are as follows.


I found there was a big difference after finally cleaning the lens on my diode laser. I know it sounds simple but some alcohol and a qtip could be a quick and easy fix.

Even though it was harder to cut than 2 days ago, it was also cut in 8 repetitions at first again today.
By the way, it was cut in 8 repetitions, but can it not be cut even if I suddenly repeat 20 times?

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