The fontionnalité rotation per hour or per hour anti in the menu contextual

Hello Work équipe lightburn and internaut ,

can you add the feautre is rotating clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation in the context menu ?
And can you put the symbol of this function in one of the bars work ?.
Very useful function to quickly adapt the form that our users are working on.

thank you

At least, there are shortcut keys (dot and comma) that achieve the same. Though for some people it might be easier with buttons, I agree.

Thanks for the reminder misken :slightly_smiling_face:, but the problem comes from the fact its a problem on my hands.
I use an ergonomic mouse right hand, with a few shortcuts.
For me this feature would be very welcome. Because my mouse is organised so as to use 4 buttons. I can so modified.
I hope that this request will be taken into account for the next update. For people in the same situation.
By dragging this function into the context menu, everything would take on another dimension design point of view.

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On the top of this page, there is a link to the feature request board. You can add your suggestion there.

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