The homing on my S9 Sculpfun works when I push home button, doesn't at startup or after finishing a job

My switches work, and my machine used to home at startup, and after each jobs no problems. recently with out any changes, except for Lightburn update, my S9 does not home at startup, sometimes doesn’t connect until I switch it off and then on again. S9 homes after framing if I hit home button (homes and comes out past switches) but after a job it goes to home but stops just short of contacting the switches. If I don’t catch it in time it shows an error and I have to restart. If I catch it, I manually trigger switches and bring out past switches and press home button, all is ok for next frame or job start? What do you think the problem is? Thank you for your help

Check Edit->Device Settings and see if “Auto-home on startup” is enabled. If not, enable it.

This is slightly odd. Make sure the correct port is selected in Laser window.

This sounds like normal operation. Machine would not normally re-home at the end of a job.

What is the error message?