The laser works at an inappropriate time

I drew some simple test drawings, but found that the moving path between independent elements was cut during the test. This is not the case when the same drawing is replaced by other software.
What should I do?

First you need to provide more information, what machine are you running? What Lightburn version? etc.

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The machine is self-assembled

Software version of 1.0.4

Running on more than one version has this problem

Plase type
$$ in console to let us see your config

Are you using a GRBL controller?

This is typically caused by $32=0 (in GRBL) but it could be an assembly or configuration error.

The joining lines are ‘traverse lines’ or ‘traversal lines’ and it’s caused when homebuilders or CNC users install a laser.

With a CNC mill it’s an important practice to let the spindle run between operations. Since the laser engraver uses the spindle control it’s easy to inadvertently leave the CNC mill in the Machining mode instead of Laser Mode which turns the laser off while traversing.

$32=1 in the LightBurn Console should fix it… It could also happen if the diode control isn’t on the spindle PWM pin.

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