The machine stops, the laser turns off periodically in some cutting operations

The machine stops and the laser goes out. I suppose it’s the program, because the stop happens in the same place on the layout. I moved the layout and the blank, changed the settings, reduced the power, etc. The stop point perfectly matches… What could be the problem? Explain to the beginner.

Does it stop with the laser head at the same location on the platform or at the same point in the design?

If it’s at the same location on the platform, with the design at different positions on the platform, that suggests a problem with the cables, perhaps a broken wire or loose connector pin causing a momentary power supply glitch that resets the controller. In that case, repairing the cable will be the solution.

If it’s at the same point in the design, with the design at different positions on the platform, then it might be a problem with the design. If so, uploading the *lbrn2 file and indicating where the laser stops will help other folks examine the situation.

Остановка происходит в данном случае в одной и той же точке дизайна. Однако, когда я нажимаю на “стоп” а затем возвращаю на начальную позицию и начинаю резку с точки остановки он ее продолжает резать до конца…
salf1.lbrn2 (31,7 КБ)

In this case, the stop occurs at the same point in the design. However, when I click on “stop” and then return to the starting position and start cutting from the stop point, he continues to cut it to the end…

The design doesn’t have any peculiar parts and the generated G-Code looks straightforward, so it’s not clear why the machine should stop while executing the code.

Does the machine stop at the same point every time? If so, which point?

If it stops at a different point each time, that suggests a communication problem, which is generally caused by a low-quality USB cable. The cables included with the machine tend to be poor, so upgrading to a better cable may improve the situation.

That definitely seems like an intermittent communication problem, so put a better USB cable on your shopping list.

Cables with ferrite cores on each end seem to be more reliable, although IMO it’s because they tend to get better quality control, rather than any electrical properties of the ferrite cores.

Спасибо! Буду пробовать

I changed the USB to ferrite ones… The problem remains. The laser stops at the same point in the design. Not only the above, but also others. I think the problem may be in the buffer, but I don’t know how to set it up? What do you think?

If you will upload a *lbrn2 file that halts dependably at a specific point in the design, identify what point that is, and provide a picture of the result on the platform, we can proceed further.

Absent more information, I cannot make more suggestions.