The Minecraft blocks won't come out right

Hey there!

I’ve spent over 20 hours trying to figure this out but without success.

I have this template sheet with shapes I want to cut out, but I don’t seem to be able to get good cutouts consistently.

The picture below explains what happens better

I tried, the wizard positioning, on X’s I added to corners, no good results.

I tried cutting out a4 shape on other material (locked in place), then placing my template in the a4 hole, aiming it all in soft, no good results.

Please help, I’m aware there’s something I’m doing wrong, I just don’t know what.

(I’m using xTool S1 20W)
((Also I’m using 1.4 version, I saw there was update in 1.7 for S1? Would that help?))

I assume you are using the print and cut feature, did you choose scaling or no scaling? It looks to me like a scaling issue since the bottom left cut is closer than the top right one. Try again using the other option.


Hey and thanks for the reply.

I believe I’ve tried it both ways but just in case I’ll add it to my list maybe i changed something on the way.

Looking for more things to test out.

Update, After more and more aligning it seems to be looking way better.

Nvm still getting same problem,
left bottom corner cuts good, middle is offset by lets say 5mm x 5mm y and top right corner twice that.
If I use scaling then I get inconsistent shapes.

No idea what to do to make it more precise

How is the original printed file created, Illustrator, Inkscape, other? What file format are you bringing into Lightburn?

Also, if you look at the preview, does it show cutting correctly or with the offset?

i created outlines 0.01mm thick of my images, then saved that as dxf in illustrator

it cuts out like this,
it’s supposed to be 2mm outline on every piece, instead it drifts off in different ways

I use two files, one to print - with the outline
another file for laser, where outline is created from the piece of color itself without the 2mm outline, with Xs placed at same spot

It’s likely the printed page does not match the intended dimensions, making the laser seem incorrect.

In Illustrator, add four targets to your design at the corners of a rectangle with known (and easy-to-measure) dimensions. On an A4 portrait sheet, that might be 150 mm horizontally and 250 mm vertically. Print that sheet as usual, then measure the target distances using a good-quality (steel) rule or caliper. In addition to the X and Y distances, both diagonals should be 291.5 mm.

If those dimensions do not match, then the printer has scale problems.

If they do match, import the DXF version of that layout into LightBurn as usual.

  • Use the Click to Move tool to put the laser at the lower left target
  • Align the printed paper target at the laser position
  • Click to Move on the upper right target
  • Without moving the lower left target, align the upper right target at the laser position

That may require a few iterations, but eventually you should be able to move the laser exactly between those two targets on the paper with Click to Move.

If the laser’s position does not agree with the paper positions, then the laser is not positioning correctly. That may be due to incorrect axis scale factors (Step per mm) or other problems.

If the positions agree, then without moving the paper, you should now be able to Click to Move between the lower-right and upper-left targets.

Note that none of that uses the Print-and-Cut alignments. It’s all simple positioning using targets at known coordinates.

If all that works, then you have verified:

  • The printer produces accurately aligned & scaled patterns
  • The DXF file contains those patterns at the proper locations
  • The laser’s physical positioning agrees with the printer

If that does not work, then there are problems that cannot be resolved using Print-and-Cut and we have more information to help identify the problem.

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