The New total time estimation model is great

The time estimate

The actual time

I did not stop the clock until the laser beeped completion, which happened after the laser moved back to the start position which took about 3 seconds. So the estimate is within about a second of actual. That is amazingly good.

Your controller settings must be very similar to mine then, unless you’ve adjust the sim params to match yours. :slight_smile:

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I am using the factory settings for the Boss.

I think Oz is talking about these settings. :slight_smile:


Allows you to dial in the simulator to match those “factory settings for the Boss.”

If I remember correctly from reading the release notes, in the future Oz plans to make LightBurn able to query your machine and import these settings (the top few appear to me come from the vendor settings area for each axis).

Only a coincidence. LightBurn is not yet populating these settings by reading them from the controller. That is on the list for a future release to ease the process of tuning the simulator to match the system settings in a more automated fashion.