The next week come my REd & Black 60W laser (Chinese) please advices!


(Cristhian Peña) #1

I only use lightburn with Jtech (2.8) and Xcarve. Tell me about specs, speeds, settings, etc. Thanks!!!

(Chris Wright) #2

Tell us more about your new machine.

(Cristhian Peña) #3

Thanks Chris, is this one:

(HN) #4

Play! Play! Play!

Trial and error is the only way to know YOUR machine.

(Chris Wright) #5

Can’t tell by the “specs” given, so you better hope it comes with a Ruida controller. In any case, just don’t do something silly like try to run your new laser above about 60% power. Replacement CO2 tubes are expensive! What do you plan on using the laser for? You must have had some idea when you bought it. Tell us your plans.

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