The perfomance is away ... Why?

this is my first topic and this is my question:
I started with lightburn and the laser Sculpfun S9 - the function was normal and pretty.
Now I changed at the expanded version 42cm x 92cm.
I changed the parameters and started again.
The have no perfomance - the movement is very slowly.
What is the mistake - what can I do?
Thanks for your answer.


Which parameters did you change?

When is it slow?

Can you run this command in Console and return results?


Ensure both machines are in the same mode, inches or mm.

If you make the Y axes longer that’s the only change you should have to make…

Before you modify anything on a computer, make a backup copy so you can restore and at least be back to ‘ground zero’…



thanks for your answers.
This is the newest state:
I found that only the Y-axis is very slowly. If I move the Y-axis manuel the speed is correct.
Than I changed the X and Y - cable on the mother-board the result was, the X-axis was correct the Y-axis was slowly.

My questions:

  • Can I repair the board DLC V1.1 ?
  • Can I get a board from Sculpfun (warranty)?
  • Is the newest version DLC V1.2 the better alternative?
  • Can I install this Version without problems?

Thanks for your help

Help us help you, we can only help you if you answer the questions posed.

Go back and answer @berainlb questions…


I only changed the parameter height and width for the new expanded dimensions.
After them I am able to change the X- and Y- values. But if I change the Y-value alone the machine makes fast movements. Alone the X-axis and combined with Y-axis the machine makes very slowly movements.
I hope this answers your questions?

What specific configuration and values did you change?

When does this occur? You said for manual movements it was fine. Does that mean using jogging controls? Which movements are slow?

Can you run $$ command in Console window and return results?

Did you check the mechanics if the gantry can move freely? Check this guide here: Guide to mechanical adjustments and maintenance - Diode Laser Wiki

thanks for your help - I found the solution.
After I contact Sulpfun I got the tip: install the firmware new.
After I do this, the machine was running ok at all axis

Great, funny how a software update can make things better … and you can’t even see it…

Take care


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