The place of engraving changes when I turn on the rotary axis

My JPT Mopa M7 laser is powered by LightBurn 1.4.05. It works perfectly on a flat surface. I turn on the rotary axis and the position of the red laser on the working field fails and the engraving fails. The place of engraving is changing. I followed the procedure for the video instructions for LightBurn on Youtube. Once it turned out to make a text on a cup. I couldn’t do this the second time - a malfunction occurs and the laser engraves outside the designated place of engraving. What to do?

A link to the video would be very helpful.

The rotary tool changes the location of the engraving vertically, The head is moved upward to compensate. The LED may frame larger and outside the object in the rotary tool but there shouldn’t be much change in lateral position.

When this malfunction occurs, are there any messages or notices in the Console window in LightBurn?

Feel free to share pictures or screenshots here.

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