"The Third Court of Seri Bournou"

Ortur LM2 “15w”(~4.5w) Image running Jarvis 420dpi @ 1000mm/min 80%. Scrollwork 254dpi @ 1600mm/min 80%. 14% overscan on everything.

Image is “The Third Court of Seri Bournou” by William Henrey Bartlett 1839.
Ive been having a lot of fun digging through public domain illustrations and engravings. I got a very Tolkienesque feel from this image so I had to give it a shot. Well worth the effort IMO Im very pleased with how it came out!

The image itself is very finely engraved and I like it too. But the frame elements are a little too dark / heavily burnt to my taste.
I often use “cross hatch” settings with a coarse line spacing (0.5-6mm), it gives tiny little diamonds that look elegant in such a frame. Ps. of course I use very little energy for this, and a little more for the enclosing edge.
I hope to see more of your work

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Yeah I kinda just slapped the framing on around it and left it at settings I had used previously, It was a project in testing how old public domain engravings translated into laser engravings (overall a great success id say!) and I appreciate the feedback! its sometihng that quite a few people have mentioned so there has to be something to it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Ill try out the cross hatching that is a good idea and I haven’t used that feature yet so it will be a fun experiment!