The Tic-Tac-Toe Cutting board game

Here is my latest project from last night. Designing and burning The Tic-Tac-Toe Cutting board game, and the cost? $5.68 including the cutting board and EIGHT shot glasses! Really!

This is a BEGINNER step-by-step tutorial, so grab a beer and sit back and relax! :beer:


Looks pretty cool man. I thought about using those bamboo cutting boards a while back, its cool to see someone else using them.

@Afcj1993 I actually got this as a request from my daughter-in-law Alex. I decided to order the case of boards since they were only a buck a piece and use the rest for scrap test burns for when I engrave other wood projects. But I think I might just list these on Facebook Marketplace for $25/ea and see what happens. So far, everyone who has seen it has loved it.

Heck yeah there is no downside to listing an item for sale to test the waters. That’s one of the reasons why I like CNC machines, it makes rapid prototyping products/Ideas very easy and creates very professional looking items with low overhead. In the end its all about how you display it in my opinion that makes the sales difference(Something I need to work on for sure). I think people will buy this as long as you display it professionally. And I definitely wish you the best in that regard as a fellow maker.

@Afcj1993 Thanks Alex. I just got my new 30x30 Longmill after a long consideration. Upgrading from the 3018 Pro. Still haven’t gotten it unboxed yet, but looking forward to being able to do big jobs with it.

That’s awesome I just had to look that up as I hadn’t heard of it, looks very capable. I’d like to try CNC routing sometime soon. It’s funny my first machine was a 3018 pro also which honestly I only used as a laser and was kinda disappointed with the performance but I had no idea what I was getting into to begin with however it did send me down this road of loving CNC machines. That was around last July, then I purchased all the parts and built my own 50w co2 by October and made my first sale 3 days after my first listing in November. I recently finished building a CNC plasma table and am still trying to get it to do exactly what I want, It’s getting there slowly but steadily. Anyway back to your new mill, it looks pretty awesome, I window shop for cnc routers all the time, who knows maybe one day I’ll build one of those too. You should post some videos when you get it up and running.

Those look great Richard. Nice job. I am always looking for cheap bamboo cutting boards. Where did you find them for only 1$ a piece?

If you go to the youtube video and expand you’ll find that he got them from a Dollar Tree Dollar Store

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I loved this idea so much! I ordered some cutting boards. They came in at $1.50 each after shipping. I have to say… Not a fan of cutting on the bamboo! One minute its dark the next its supper light :smiley:

I did not want to copy you exactly so I checked out a few other things and threw my own spin on it. This is my attempt on the back side of my test board. I am going to round the square corners. I am thinking about hitting it with some black spray paint, sanding it off and putting a clear coat on it.

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Drunk Tac Toe… I love it! Great job!