The workpiece in the program is not the same size as the output

I have the problem that the displayed size of the workpiece in the program is not the same size as the output . Do I have to adjust anything to make it fit for example. 12 cm in the program 8 cm in the output
I have a laser with Grbl controller

Check your steps/mm setting in Edit > Machine Settings and make sure they are correct for your setting. It looks like your value is 2/3 of what it should be. For example, you are supposed to be 300 steps/mm and you have 200 steps/mm. That would cause the effect you are seeing. There’s a handy calculator here:

I checked the settings. I have 80 steps/ mm per $100 and $101. If I adjust it e.g. to more than 100 then the motors do not run anymore.

steps/mm is not an arbitrary thing. Either it’s right or it’s wrong. You need to calculate (or look up) what it is for your specific machine. If the motors stop running after that then you’ve got another problem entirely. Though the fact that it apparently stops running at a certain level makes me think there’s something wrong with your drivers or motors where it’s effectively trying to run faster than the drivers or motors can keep up with causing the motors to stall. But start with finding out the correct steps/mm value.

I checked the settings again I have 42,6 steps/ mm per $100 and $101 and not 80. Iafter I changed the settings everything is running now

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