There must be at least one drill bit in this 📺 video you didn’t know about

Great Tools will always make your hard work easier



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The only one I did not know about is the Ball cutter (#10) on the video, I actually have 6 of the 10, or a close variation, The ones I do not have but really want are #'s 10, 7, 3, and 5.
Thanks for the Video Sasquatch

Gahhh! It was all I could do to not scream at the video during #9.
Drilling glass and ceramic like that should ALWAYS be done wet, with plenty of water if you don’t want to chip or crack the glass and you want your drill to last more than about 3 holes.

It also keeps you from having a bunch of airborne glass dust which is really bad for the lungs.

100% in complete agreement with you! Hope you still enjoyed the video and learned about a bit you did not know before.

Great, your video guide me very ok, it works very well, thank you man. Like video .