"There was a problem sending data to the laser" - Revisited

NOTE: I’ve tried reading through previous posts but found nothing yet to fix my issue.

I am using Lightburn 9.24 and Windows 10.
The Ruida controller is connected to my computer via ethernet cable.
I don’t have any files saved on the Ruida controller.
When I try to use Send instead of Start, I get an error beep and message.
When I click on Start, the progress indicator sometimes goes 25% to 40% across before I get the error message – and the laser cuts for about 25% to 40% of the project.
The project(s) have been working fine up until now.
I turned the Ruida controller off then on – and I rebooted my computer. I unplugged and replugged ethernet cable.
I have tried other files – even as simple as just trying to cut a circle – same problem.
I can’t cut anything now – and I have a big show coming up in 2 weeks – so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Mystery solved by “accident” – I think.

I was looking over the Ruida display, somewhat out of desperation, and I noticed something different.

There is a button in the middle of the arrows with a diagram that has a square wave on top and a sine wave on the bottom. The top is “manual” and the bottom is “continuous.”

Somehow, the button for continuous had been pressed. When I switched it back to “manual.” It started to work again just fine.

Coincidence? Unrelated events? I don’t know. Just glad my laser is cutting again.


Which model number Ruida? And side note, your profile still lists a C3D motion control board and not the Ruida you mention.

Rick, I believe my Ruida Model is the 6445X.

I don’t know if I should contact you offline or not. You said that my profile still lists a C3D motion control board and not the Ruida. I was an “early adopter” of Lightburn when I first got my K40 laser cutter – but later I acquired a red-and-black laser and updated my Lightburn license.

No, no. You are fine. I am talking about the listing here on the forum. It is only an informational detail of the laser systems you have. Having a current listing helps folks when trying to help you.

You can update your profile using the following process:

Filling out your profile with your Machine Details:

When you sign up for the account on the forum, there should be a field to fill out what Machines you have. Please make sure you have this filled out and it is accurate with your Machines you have, and what Controllers and Firmware they run.

You can edit this by clicking on your profile icon in the top right (on desktop browser), clicking the gear icon in the menu that pops up, and going to the Profile tab.

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