There was problem sending data to the laser

Transfer failed - Lightburn 1.1.04 “there was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused”
is the message that pop s up when I try to communicate with my laser. I am not sure which Rudia Controller I have. We bought this machine second hand. We can transfer projects to a flash drive and load them and it works fine. I just cannot get it to communicate.
I have installed the FDTI driver, updated all of my software and drivers for the USB port on my laptop too. It maybe something simple I am not checking or doing.

Most Ruida controllers use UDP and you may be able to reach it with Ethernet.

I have a lowly RD LC320-A on my 50W and it uses USB to communicate. There are two usb ports on the controller; one is for the usb drive and the other for serial communication.

I was told by the previous owner that using the memory stick port to communicate wouldn’t work. I haven’t tried yet.

When you ‘right click’ the device button in the laser window, does it say ‘ready’ at the top of the laser window?

If it shows ‘ready’ Lightburn is connected. Might try deleting whatever files are on the Ruida and see if it’s short on memory…

The Ethernet method is the best, usb is really a headache.

Good luck


Sorry guys thank you so much for the feedback! Since posting this is was an easier fix then I anticipated! I cleared the internal memory on Rudia of all files, still have no Ethernet capabilities. Of all things I decided to get a new USB cable. [had to wait to get it from amazon] and that was it! Seems I must have had a bad or faulty USB connection. I have been using it with no problems since then and am looking to add some new upgrades already. Camera and upgraded exhaust fan soon.
Create fast, cut clean and always remember to test first lol!

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The USB cables are a common troubleshooting obstacle.

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Sometimes wonder about this.

The usb protocol is really a smart protocol requiring some ‘smarts’ at both ends. I know I had issues with usb, seems like no matter what I did with them, but more than I’d expect on the Ruida.

I have an extra Ethernet port that I can run the pc directly to the Ruida and sometimes it fails to negotiate with a direct connection of 3 feet.

I starting to think the Ruida operates on the ‘edge’ of the limits and it doesn’t take much to confuse it… If you ‘pause’ the machine, it just sits there waiting… like the communication software is lacking…


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