Thickness of line for SVG file

I used inkscape to make an outline from a drawing so I could cut out the drawing. A simple line. What should the thickness of the line in Inlscape be? The reason for asking is I wanted to to do 10 passes and lightburn is doing 20. That makes me think the line was to wide. Or maybe I should ask what is the thinist line I can use when using Lightburn?
Thank you

Line thickness, or rather stroke width from Inkscape, is irrelevant in determining number of passes or filled area.

In essence, lines are perceived to be infinitely thin. It’s the path that’s relevant, not the stroke width.

If you are getting double the number of passes I suspect what’s actually happening is that instead of a single line you actually have a very thin rectangle and it’s burning both side of that thin rectangular line.

Your cut line might have a duplicate thats causing the laser to double up the pass count. You can check this by selecting your cut line and then select EDIT Menu > Delete Duplicates. You will get a pop up telling you how many duplicates you have and will ask you if you want to delete them.

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