Thin Line Issue

I am trying to improve the quality of the burn on a sign and also speed up the settings. I am running a Jtech 7w diode laser on a Shapeoko 3XXL.

The sign on the left has a scan angle of 0. I am happy with the boldness of the writing in this sign, but the blank under lines are very faint. How can I make them bolder?

The sign on the right has a scan angle of 45. The boldness of the blank lines is excellent. It is hard to see in the picture, but the letters in “hello world” seem pixelated/jagged.

Can anyone suggest how to improve my settings to make a better image with a normal to faster pace speeds? These 4 inch rounds took around 20 mins to etch.

The simplest would likely be to replace those lines with actual single lines, instead of an outlined area, and just use Line mode running slow to darken them.

Or, just vertically scale the outlines that you have for those lines up to about double, which would thicken the result as well.

Hello i am having a similar issue. When i have thin lines they do not engrave unless i up the power. Only thing is, when i do up the power it burns the thicker lines too much and burns too far into the material.

If that tag is really small, increasing the DPI could help. You could also use Line + Fill to have the laser run around the outline of the design to help make it slightly thicker and clearer, or use the offset tool to thicken it by 0.25mm or so.

I will give this a try, thank you.

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