Think power supply is going out

Have Rudia RDC6445G(EC) controller with generic power supply from old laser. Was working fine last night but when powered up today it would not cut. Used the pulse button and got a nice beam in the laser tube and good burn on wood. To get it to burn a slight engrave on soft pine I had to turn the power up to 80% and that was very faint, I usually engrave a around 30%. Does this sound like a power supply problem or a laser tube problem…
Thanks in advance

It sounds like a good idea might be to check mirrors and lens as well, if you didnt do it already.

Hope you get a resolution quickly


Directly out of the laser tube it will not burn a hole in paper at 50% power. The pulse will burn a nice hole in wood using the mirrors.

Was there any long term reduction or only this sudden overnight change. If just overnight as you mentioned,

I would expect power supply, as I believe you do also. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It was the power supply. Replaced it and all seems to be working now.

Excellent, can you please mark this SOLVED from the reply options to help others find answers more quickly. I’m very happy all is as it should be :slightly_smiling_face::relaxed:

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