Thinking about upgrading from cohesion 3d to RDC6432G

I have a 12x24 k40 which I built, I have lightobject 50 watt tube and power supply, lightobject 800 chiller, linier rails on x and y , cloudray c series head and mirrors , a z axis bed with 6 inches travel . I’m wondering if anyone has gone over to ruida from smoothie and If you think it’s worth the time and money to make the change ? I am tired of the slower speeds and ability of smoothie to read ahead. But what will I gain from the upgrade ? Thanks in advance for your input.

Can you elaborate on this? What types of things are you trying to do and what experience are you having? What speeds are you using?

This will help determine if your experience will be materially different with a Ruida controller.

Also, can you confirm if you’ve enabled g-code clustering in Device Settings?

I was having some speed issues, but I lowered quite a few things and that seams to be solved but I have to do further tests. Yes I originally had smoothie clustering checked and then a while back it wasn’t checked and it was now called G code clustering, which threw me off and I did raise that issue on the forum and was advised to re check the box which I did . I’m just wondering if I will gain anything by going to the ruida controller.

Is speed the primary thing you’re trying to address? If so, what speeds are you using now and are you hitting those speeds?

If yes, then honestly you’re not likely to benefit much from switching over.

If there’s something specific otherwise that you’re trying to do and can’t due to controller limitations then that could be another story.

Are you using external stepper drivers today and have a separate 24V power supply (assuming yours is a 24V system)?

I’m running x and y off the cohesion board and have a stepper driver on the z axis only. yes it’s 24 volt system . I may just be caught up in excessive and or compulsive upgrade syndrome. I’ve put way to much time money into upgrading a k40 and I figure might as well bust out another thousand to take it as far as possible. A year ago I had no experience with lasers at all. I’ve learned a lot in the past year and continuing to learn more and more ! I love it , but I’ll probably never be satisfied !

If the journey is part of the win and you’re looking to really optimize things then I’d say go for it. You can always reuse the controller and stepper drivers when you inevitably build out a larger laser.

There’s value in getting familiar with DSP behavior since you’re more likely to encounter that as you explore.

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