Thinking of getting a co2 laser

Good afternoon, looking for a new laser budget is £1500 ish. Looking for thoughts on the Omtech 50w. Also does anyone have one that already has a rotary attachment with it .
Many thanks

I have an Omtech 60W which is actually 50W.
No rotary
Have had no problems with it at all

Had a great time with mine… did my own mods. Good simple machines at a low cost.

It’s a 50 watt (measures 44 with a Mahoney meter). I have the PiBurn V3 rotary that works well with it.

Looked like this when I got it…


Great fun and educational… here’s the PiBurn…

Stainless steel mug using Laser Bond 100.

Good luck


I also have an OMT, but a 60Watt machine and like our other two friends, i am just as happy with it.
There has been a discussion under the heading ABOUT machines or tubes being rubbish…or similar. The machines come from China, but they have become significantly better over time and if you buy the machine through a proper dealer there are no problems. I had some small problems right at the beginning with the one cylinder that holds the lid, it was immediately replaced after I made a picture of the problem. For the second year, my tube holds its power just fine, so I am very satisfied with my purchase. But remember to buy a proper cooler for the laser, it’s more important as a rotary, in my opinion :wink: