Three beginner questions

I am new, if these questions are covered elsewhere I can’t find them because my search terms may not describe what my questions are.

  1. When I try to draw a single line it seems to work backwards. If I want a line to start on the left I click and nothing happens and when I let up where I wanted the line to end it begins the line there.

  2. When I enter edit mode is there a way to change the something other than the center of the object?

  3. Is there a way to snap to the grid?

Don’t know the specifics but start here.
Also check Lightburn on YouTube.

  1. It sounds like you’re clicking and holding the button when starting the line. You click and release to place a point, then move to the next location and click to set the next point, and so on. Right-Click or press Esc to finish creating the line.

  2. Yes. You can select a different location from the 9-dot control on the upper toolbar.

  3. Snap to grid is on by default when creating or moving, but not when sizing.

Fantastic help, thank you. My mind was stuck in my CAD system for drawing a line and I totally missed the 9-dot control and love the way it works. I still can’t get the system to snap to the grid. In my CAD I use this one time when I start a drawing so that the most important view is snapped to x-0 and y-0 then turn it off. I checked and snap is on but it doesn’t want to snap to the grid itself but does work perfectly on other objects and points. This probably isn’t that important as I simply change the X and Y coordinates once I use the 9-dot icon to select the lower left hand corner. So I consider this closed and really appreciate the help.

Dan, you can draw a shape somewhere on your workspace and then “send” it to your 0-0 if you wish.

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What is your grid set to? We had a bug that affected this at certain zoom levels, but that’s been fixed for the next release, and honestly should work for you as well if you still have the default grid settings. If you don’t that might be the issue.

I didn’t alter any grid settings and until this reply I had not looked at that setting at all. It seemed in a lightburn video I watched last night that the presenter mentioned that the snap setting for the grid was 1 mm, I assumed it would have been set at 10 since that is the grid that shows on the work area. That is my misunderstanding and as I mentioned I only need that setting one time as I try to begin at 0-0 for all designs. I can do that manually or as someone else pointed out with the arrange setting sending the design to the lower left. Much of my problems comes from working with a full blown CAD system (Turbo CAD) and although lightburn is an amazing application it does not have all the features of a CAD system designed from drawing intricate details. And the CAD system has NO idea what the laser engraver is so it will be necessary for me to learn Lightburn for laser work. I appreciate all the help and apologize for the length of this reply.

Have you tried saving as a DXF and importing that into Lightburn? Lightburn, as I’ve understood, isn’t and wasn’t intended to be a cad program.

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