Thumbnail Handler Error on Upgrade (Win 10)

Updating yesterday to 9.10 and today to 9.11, LB showed the following error.


I ignored, but wanted to pass on the bug…

If you uninstall first, then install the new one, it should behave. (and you should do this, as the 0.9.11 update did change the thumbnail handler).

I haven’t found a way yet to tell the installer to run a previous uninstall first.

I was having bugs with saving and thought if could be be due to this. So I took a minute today and uninstalled then reinstalled, but it gave the same error.

I aborted the install and I no longer have a option to uninstall. I deleted the lightburn folder in C:/Program Files and reinstalled without issue.

Leaving as a note in case someone has the same issue.

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