Thunder Bolt 32 Pro Dual Camera Support

Just wondering if you have an approximate time frame for support of the Thunder Laser Bolt 32 Pro dual cameras. It’s my understanding that you have one of the machines already. Cheers.

Curious about the answer to this as well…

As far as I know there is no multiple camera support… I think how their supported really comes down to how the camera interfaces to the computer. There are standard and non-standard ways to do things. With standard and non-standard results.

I’d suspect, if Lightburn has one, they know the basics of how it setup, but you’d have to ask them. As far as I know there are not 100’s of programmers working for them.

However, it would be wise to ask the people who know…

Maybe @JohnJohn knows about this… or @JTR ?


We do have one of these machines at HQ, but do not have a time estimate for supporting dual cameras at this time, sorry. There has been quite a bit of work going into camera support lately, and some of that needs to be finished up before our developers can move on to working on dual camera support.

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Is your Thunder a metal or glass tube?

I sure like the RF bolt model – I think I shot my wad on the fiber :zap:


It’s metal :robot: :zap: